Tallinn, Radisson Hotel Olümpia

Oct 31 to Nov 2, 2020

The Quantum Shift Experience


Change is constant, and it is accelerating. We are living in a time of extreme uncertainty. And while we also live in the most technologically advanced, socially connected, and safest times in human history, many of us are struggling emotionally, financially, and physically.

How can it be, that as the world gets safer and easier, life seems to be getting harder? Where our ancestors had to survive harsh weather, starvation, plagues, and wars without the benefit of secure shelter, consistent food supply, hospitals, or government we seem to struggle to find emotional safety in the most abundant and secure times in history.

200 years ago, human life expectancy hovered between 30 and 40 years. In the early 1900s, life expectancy had risen and people could expect to reach their late 40’s. Today, 100 years later, a person living in a developed nation can expect to live into their 70’s.

We are safer and living longer than ever before but depression and suicide rates are rising. In the USA, suicide rates have risen 33% in the last 20 years and suicide is now the second leading cause of death for Americans under 35.

So again I ask, how can so many people be suffering and struggling to find fulfillment and happiness when we are living in the safest and most secure times ever?

We can blame technology, social media, the government, and the press but that blame will only get us so far; it is time for us to take responsibility for our life experience. It is time to take a stand for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our planet.

Something is wrong.

Oct 31 – Nov 2, 2020

In Tallinn, Estonia – Radisson Hotel Olümpia


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Our bodies and minds evolved in response to our natural way of life; a way of life that changed very little for the first 5 million years of our evolution. Now, our way of life has changed so much that a gap has opened between our evolution and the changes to our way of life. Where our ancestors faced the daily reality of survival, we are safer than ever before. And our bodies and minds haven’t caught up because the changes happened so quickly.

Join Eric Edmeades for three powerful days where you will learn to bridge the Evolution Gap and begin to understand why you do what you do when you do it.

The event will be in English, there is no translation available!

You will learn

How to make quantum shifts in your beliefs and behaviors that will steadily and permanently improve your experience and quality of life.
How your biochemistry affects your perception and how you can change it so that you can see the world and the opportunities around you more clearly.
The two kinds of ‘limiting’ beliefs that are holding you back and how to eliminate or change them so that you can achieve your full potential.
How to close the Evolution Gap on the 14 Essential Needs that drive your every behavior so that you can wake up every day feeling empowered, healthy and productive.
How to heal your past so that you create a powerful, fulfilling and exciting future.
How to insert consciousness into the moments that you need it most so that you can avoid acting from instinct and saying or doing things that you might regret.
How to interrupt ‘bad’ habits that are stealing your time, energy and health so that you can be more productive and live a more fulfilling life.
How to create automatic behaviors that will, without effort, improve your productivity, behavior and the day-to-day decisions that impact your quality of life.
How to end ‘analysis paralysis’ and get clarity about who you are, where you want to go, how you want to live so that decisions become easy.


How to end anxiety so that you can move forward in your life with a feeling of confidence and faith.
Effective communication techniques that will empower you to get the support you need so that you can achieve your goals and mission.
How to discover both your purpose in life and the various missions that will inspire you to live a truly compelling life.
How to create a Daily Launch Routine that will make sure that your days are productive, fun and fulfilling.
The primary key to Law of Attraction; what you need to do to attract the people, opportunities, and circumstances you want into your life quickly and easily.
Your True North Frequency– a poweful ‘personal branding’ phrase that will act like a compass through which you can make excellent decisions and design a compelling future.


Join Eric Edmeades for what just might be the most powerful and transformative experience of your life.


If you know that life has more to offer, and you want to find out what that is and how to get it, then this program is for you.

A note from Eric


I will not change your life, you will. But I will provide you with the tools, perspective, breakthroughs, and shifts you are looking for to make it possible.

I was my first customer; my life was headed in the wrong direction. At 15 years old, I found myself homeless in mid-winter. I had crashed out of high school and was now wondering how I was going to eat and where I was going to sleep. Looking back now, I am grateful for the experience and for something else: that it was not easier.

If I had been homeless in the summer things would have been so much easier. I knew countless parks and other places I could have slept. Perhaps I would have done so for a few nights and then, slowly, my identity would have shifted to actually ‘feeling’ homeless. Instead, I faced night-time temperatures of 30 below freezing. I had no choice. I had to find a solution. The first few nights I managed to sneak into an apartment building I knew. I went to the top floor of the stairwell–the 28th floor–and curled up on the cold concrete floor to get some sleep. While it kept me from the cold, I lived with the constant fear that I could get caught, handed over to the police and then on to social services. I didn’t want that, so I had to find another solution.

In the end, I managed to negotiate myself a job at a local video game arcade, and then back into school and I managed to save my grade 10 year. Something that I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have done if things had been easier.

That was the first of my many major turnarounds or, at least, course corrections. When I look back now, I am certain the 20-year-old version of me, that was saving coupons for fast food, would never believe that I would go on to start my own businesses, buy my own movie studio, work on major motion pictures, develop technology for the military, speak in 25 countries around the world, or share the stage with Tony Robbins, President Bill Clinton, and Sir Richard Branson.

On stage

Eric Edmeades

Eric Edmeades is the creator of the phenomenally effective, disruptive, and award-winning health coaching company, WildFit, that has already helped over 15,000 people in 130 countries around the world radically improve their relationships with food and, therefore, their quality of life.

Eric is an accomplished speaker, mentor, and trainer and has created some of the highest-rated programs in the personal development industry. Millions of people have seen Eric on stage or watched his videos and, in 2018 Eric was awarded a medal by the Speaker of the Canadian Senate on the Senate floor for his work in ‘improving the quality of peoples’ lives’.

Eric has a gift when it comes to facilitating transformation. If you are ready to make powerful quantum shifts in your beliefs, behaviors and in your life, then secure your place now.

The following video shows Eric with his strong wish to help people open themselves up and speak freely of what is on their mind. He knows that if you want to achieve your goals it is very important to think big.


Feedback for Quantum Shift 3 day online event

  • Wow, 3 Days have just flown by but so much was packed in there. What a treat to really zero in on ourselves and do some serious weeding! Watch out technology gurus, I have permission to hunt you down! Discovered some incredible meanings I had linked to childhood, and then found so much power in them! Absolutely loved this experience. Thanks Eric Roland Kelsy, Kerttu and the rest of the team. Gratitude to the max! – Michelle Mulholland Templeton

    It was an exceptional experience. The whole 3 days have totally been amazing. Thank you very much – truly grateful! – Mojdeh Nadjmi

  • Last 3 days were life changing. I’m so grateful for everything I have had in my life, would not change a thing and no regrets, what I have atm – everything is perfect already as it is at this moment and what will come – I know it’s going to be more that amazing. Thank you, Eric Edmeades and Roland Tokko for making this amazing event happen and changing people’s momentum! Hope that everyone will find their “thing”. World is much better with content and happy people. Let’s be one of those kinds! – Daisy Päike

    Thank you, Eric! This was powerful stuff and something I really needed right now. – Riikka Ylitalo

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