In Tallinn, Saku Suurhall

October 27, 10.00-21.00

Do you know what Wealth Forum is?

Robert Kiyosaki will make just one appearance in Eastern Europe – in Estonia. Yes, this is going to be powerful and exceptional. In addition to world famous Robert Kiyosaki there will also be Eric Edmeades, Asel Sydykova and a fourth person coming on stage. The latter will be revealed shortly. As of today these speakers have changed the lives of millions of people.

While the financial crises in 2008 hit hard, it was just a warm up for what is ahead of us now. Are you ready for that? Robert Kiyosaki saw the previous downturn coming already in 2002 and he was very accurate in his predictions. Kiyosaki says he sees an even bigger crash approaching in 2016 but for those who are prepared the future will be bright.

To be ready for the instability of the near future you need to be up to date about the rules of the financial world today. Now is the time to become informed!

Unfortunately our education system does not prepare people for entering tough financial environment and almost no one teaches how to use the current financial system to one’s advantage. This is the main reason why Edu Akadeemia is organizing the Wealth Forum and bringing four internationally successful people to Estonia. They will share strategies that work, that have helped them in achieving financial freedom and that may considerably raise your financial security.

This is not just another seminar or training. For the first time in Estonia 5 world-class practitioners will be brought in front of you. Out of these five, four are already multi millionaires and one is not far behind. This is an unprecedented opportunity to learn from so many world-class thought leaders in one day.

What is more, in the same room there will be thousands of success oriented people among who you might find your next business partner, friend, mentor.

We will guarantee each participant at least 2 to 3 life or current circumstance-altering ideas or thoughts to improve their lives and the money invested in the ticket will have a minimum of 10x worth if the gathered knowledge is implemented.

We are so sure of the value that we are giving a 100% money back guarantee to the purchase of a ticket. If for some reason you feel like Wealth Forum did not meet your expectations then let us know during the event and we will refund your money.



You will get the following practical knowledge:

if today you are relying on a single income stream then what should you be doing to prepare yourself for the financial crises of 2016, survive it and benefit from it;
strategies to implement immediately for improving your results;
how to be more successful in every area of life, quicker than you thought possible;
how to create and systemize your business so you would not be a slave of your company and owning it would instead give you pleasure;
why is now just the right time to start a company and not wait until tomorrow;
skills and knowledge you need to succeed in business and sales;
what is holding you back from succeeding and how to overcome obstacles;
principles for changing a mindset of an employee into one of an entrepreneur;
how to be successful regardless of what is happening in the economy.


In addition …

We are expecting participants from more than 8 countries which gives you an opportunity to make international contacts.
There will be 3500+ people who think similarly to you, the energy will be powerful.
The presenters are going to focus on their given knowledge to be readily implemented into reality and for the benefit of each participant.

The event will be held in English (with Estonian and Russian translation options)!


Organizational info

It is easy to arrive at Saku Suurhall from Tallinn center, taking the trolleys no. 6 or 7 (stop name: Haabersti). Check the schedule HERE. Taxi would also be a good idea.

The presenters will be accommodated by Swissotel Tallinn. Participants are also welcome to stay there and you can use the special discount price of 135 € per night for single and 150 € per night for double room. To book please e-mail and quote the password “Wealth Forum”.


Make sure you take some snacks and enough water with you. There will not be a separate lunch break. However, there are food stations at the venue and Rocca al Mare shopping center (with groceries store and eating places) is right next to Saku Suurhall.

Temperature in the venue will be kept quite low in order for the participants to feel fresh the whole day. For this reason it is advisable to have layers to put on if necessary. Also, be ready that the energy goes up now and then and this is when you might want to dress lighter.

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Robert Kiyosaki

Author and financial education expert

Robert Kiyosaki predicted accurately already in 2002 that there will be financial crises in 2008 but today he is saying that this was only a warm up to what might be coming in 2016. Learn how to prepare for the next crises so you will not miss out on the knowledge of benefiting from it instead. This is the biggest opportunity you get – are you ready?

Robert Kiyosaki is the spokesman of financial education and financial freedom in the USA, investor, entrepreneur and a bestselling author. He has written more than 30 books and created numerous DVD and CD programs. Over 35 million copies of his books have been sold. Kiyosaki’s most famous book „Rich Dad, Poor Dad“ is the no 1 financial book of all time with more than 28 million copies sold.

Above all, Robert Kiyosaki is an investor who owns thousands of real estate units, oil wells and other assets that generate hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly passive income to him.

Eric Edmeades

International entrepreneur

Eric Edmeades delivers practical advice on how to own or start a business that operates as a system even without your presence. You can use this to turn your current or new company into a passive income source that gives you more freedom, earnings and free time to travel, follow your dreams and spend time with your family.

In addition, Eric will teach how to find your first or just more clients so you would not have to worry about money coming in.

Stop doing everything yourself and working 24/7! Eric has over 20 years of international business experience that he will share in concentration.

Eric is one of the best business mentors in the world. Those who are active in the field AND also teach it are the most valuable. Eric Edmeades has built many companies in a way that his presence is not necessary. He has bought, grown and sold businesses in different industries including mobiles, medical training, designing 3D cameras and even Hollywood special effects studio where among others Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers and Ironman’s effects have been shot.

Despite the fact that he currently owns many companies he has plenty of free time for his hobbies, family, coaching other entrepreneurs and delivering trainings. He has shared the stage with Anthony Robbins and Richard Branson and helped thousands of entrepreneurs move towards business freedom.

Asel Sydykova

International trainer

Asel Sydykova will share her knowledge about success psychology – how successful people think? – so you could implement these principals right away to start moving towards your own goals. If you are thinking that it is impossible to succeed in a small country like Estonia, then know that Asel comes from a small mountain village in Kyrgyzstan from where 10 years ago she went to London without knowing a word of English. There she gained financial freedom and today she is launching the biggest seminar organizing company of Central Asia.

Performing on stage is another passion of hers. Asel has learned from world class trainers like Anthony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Branson etc. Currently she is a trainer herself passing on the knowledge from these famous people and adding her own interpretations.

Asel Sydykova: „Success doesn’t choose nationality, gender, age or looks. Successful are those who believe in the possibility of their dreams and take action.“

Kim Kiyosaki

Entrepreneur and author

Kim Kiyosaki is so much more than American million-dollar smile and blond hair. She could have just enjoyed the success and wealth of her millionaire husband Robert Kiyosaki but instead she decided to secure her own present and future. This has been her journey of learning, growth and experience and she has accomplished a lot.

Today Kim Kiyosaki is a successful entrepreneur, investor and the creator of the brand Rich Woman. She is a role model for millions of women. Kim is a perfect example of an independent and bold woman from whom everyone has a lot to learn.

In addition to investing, entrepreneurship, real estate and authoring books she is a very active performer who inspires men and women with all her experience and knowledge. An excellent saying applies to her: still water runs deep.

Kevin Green

entrepreneur and investor

Kevin Green teaches how to generate passive income with rental real estate, based on his own experience, in order for you to learn to increase your real estate portfolio or start creating one with strategies that work today. Kevin’s journey started from Robert Kiyosaki’s teachings. Currently he owns the most residential real estate in the UK, plus 27 companies.

Kevin Green is a man in high demand even on the governmental level. In 1984 he was homeless. Now a multi millionaire. He advises the Welsh minister of economy and takes part in shaping higher education of UK. He has participated in a very popular reality show The Secret Millionaire.

Kevin’s passion is educating, motivating and inspiring others. He does it by infecting everyone with his enthusiasm. His teachings are practical and easy to follow thanks to which he is in high demand as a speaker throughout the world.

For a long time sir Richard Branson was his personal mentor and by today Kevin has shared stage with Branson and other world-famous people.


Feedback from people who have implemented Robert Kiyosaki’s wisdom

  • Kristel Tandre

    Thanks to Robert Kiyosaki’s books my life has continuously and significantly changed in the past 6 years. I gave up being an employee and founded a company through which I am investing into rental apartments. My social network has also changed quite a lot thanks to different trainings and seminars.

  • Henry Rebane

    All my conscious knowledge about passive income and self-development started with Robert’s books. About 3 years ago I was in deep depression, feeling that my life was over and I wanted to leave this world because what I hoped from life was not achievable with the knowledge I then had. Robert opened a door to me which made me see that there was a different kind of world. All my current actions and thoughts are now geared towards turning my active income into passive and I can almost taste the financial freedom that felt unreachable in 100 years.

  • Kristjan Õunamägi

    I had the belief and understanding that financial success and investing skills can only come with hard work. Kiyosaki made me realize that having the right information and readiness to learn can make investing easy.
    Robert Kiyosaki has given me lots of motivation and inspiration to educate myself in financial topics and get my head around them. I feel that my focus has also shifted – while I previously concentrated on cutting costs then now I focus on creating value. I am asking myself a daily question: How can I create maximum value with the most optimum action? My thought pattern has changed and financial freedom is much closer.

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