Tallinnas, Saku Suurhallis

5.11.2019, 10.00-18.00

Better You
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The biggest and most international self-development training event ever organized in Estonia

Main speaker


6000 participants from more than 100 countries

Thinking about your important life areas – are you as good as you can be? Are you as productive, disciplined and happy as you would like to be? What is missing?

Deep down we all know we can do better. Because we can always do better.

Most of us would like to:

be a better friend to ourselves,
eat healthier,
be more consistent in working out,
be a better partner to our lover,
be a more conscious parent,
be more successful in business,
or better in whatever other field.

If we wish to be better in many fields then why aren’t we? What is preventing us from achieving our goals?

The answer is simple. We are held back by wrong habits and outdated beliefs which we may not be aware of or if we are then we often don’t know how to change them.

Duke Academy conducted a survey which found that 40-45% of our everyday activities may seem as if they are our decisions but they are actually not. Our habits determine the majority of whether we are unhappy and depressed or happy.

But we know that development begins when we step out of our comfort zone.

Remind yourself what happened when you recently brought changes and new habits into your life. Did you start jogging? Do you now call regularly to your friends? Do you fill in your journal every evening? You felt a change, didn’t you?

Come to our training where we can help you out of your comfort zone and show you how to eliminate obstacles that hold you back.

 These may be:

Self-doubt and lack of self-confidence,
Procrastinating, postponing activities,
Excessive worrying,
Waiting for the “right time”,
Distractions and multitasking,
Excessive use of smartphones and screens,
Comparing yourself to others,
Waking up late and going to bed late,
Senseless use of time and money,
or anything else that is holding you back.


November 5, 2019 at 10.00 – 18.00

In Tallinn, at Saku Suurhall

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Imagine how much better your life can become if you stop doubting yourself and add some new and useful habit into your life, for example:

Acting despite fear,
Habit of self-development (trainings, reading),
Prioritization and focusing on important things,
Forgiving, releasing emotions and old traumas,
Regular workout,
Healthy diet,
Less time in social media,
Living in the moment and enjoying it,
Focusing on one thing at a time,
Improving life quality.

Add one necessary habit for yourself that you want in your life and let it be the main purpose bringing you to this event and make it happen for you.


How awesome would it be if you could bring just one of those habits into your everyday life? Would you then be happier, more disciplined and confident? Yes, of course, no question about that! :)

Yes, you can change your old habits and beliefs, it is possible –  most probably you will decide to do that in this training. Chances are high that during the event you will make your first steps leading you to a better life and better you.

In a few months you will look back on this day and say to yourself: Wow, the changes started in this training, just like they promised! So you know that now you have nothing stopping you from fulfilling your dreams because you understand that you can change your habits easily if you want and you have got specific tools for doing that.


The event will be in English (with optional translation into Estonian included in the ticket price).

What makes November 5 special?

There will be world class speakers who have changed hundreds of thousands of lives and inspired millions. Now is your turn.
You will get a lot of practical knowledge which you can immediately apply into your life.
Participants are coming from more than 100 countries. You have a good opportunity to make new and interesting contacts.
6000 people having similar mindset – imagine the energy created in the room!
Specific tips and tools you can use and reactivate also when the first motivation boost has past.


After having participated in Better You you will have gained the following knowledge:

You know how to make impossible possible.

You have five clear and specific strategies for putting your goals, wishes and dreams into practice and making it all happen.

You can let go of your old habits.

You know how to bring new good habits into your life.

You notice beliefs that hold you back and you know how to eliminate them.

Also, you will get plenty of motivation to elevate yourself to the next level in at least one area.

Come to our event, if you…


… are searching for knowledge and tools which lead to better you;

… wish to put all the knowledge you get into practice;

… wish to make new contacts with like-minded people;

… want to get motivation for taking your life to the next level.

Attention! It is not for you, if you…


… don’t want to take responsibility for your growth;

… don’t want to commit your time for learning;

… are not happy with your life but you are not willing to change anything;

… don’t want to find new like-minded people to help you on your journey.

On stage

Robin Sharma

Canadian Robin Sharma is in fact a lawyer. It means that his speaking is well-planned and logical. He is a charming entertainer because in the North American courtrooms this is very much needed. He didn’t bother himself by going to court for long, instead he wrote his book called „The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari“. In 2013 it sold over 3 million copies worldwide, after which everyone lost count. He continued writing about the monk in several sequences.

Robin Sharma is a leaders’ leader. His knowledge has inspired different audiences from rock stars to entrepreneurs who have become millionaires. His administrative methods are followed by NASA, Nike and Microsoft. Also Starbucks. And soon you will  also be one of them.

Watch this short motivational video and think about how exciting it would be if you had the opportunity to join everyone on the 5th of November in Saku Suurhall and witness Robin Sharma’s thoughts, energy and vibe. It will be amazing!


Eric Edmeades

In his last 20 years Eric Edmeades has created, developed, sold and purchased successful companies in six different countries and in may different fields. Among them are businesses engaged in developing mobiles and 3D-cameras. Eric also used to own a well-known Hollywood special effects studio that made special effects for movies like „Avatar“, „Iron Man“, „Pirates of the Caribbean“ and „Transformers“.

In 2015 Eric stepped on stage at Wealth Forum (also in Saku Suurhall) in front of 2500 participants. He got the best performance and content feedback. Many people agree that Eric has been the best trainer affecting their lives. Eric is a highly valued trainer and mentor throughout the world. He has spent more than 10 000 hours on various stages in 20 different countries and inspired hundreds of thousands of people with his thoughts and energy.

The following video shows Eric with his strong wish to help people open themselves up and speak freely of what is on their mind. He knows that if you want to achieve your goals it is very important to think big.


Peep Vain

Peep brought self development to Estonia. Withing the last 20 years tens of thousands of people both in Estonia and abroad have participated at either his trainings or someone else’s he himself has trained.

In 2010 an internationally successful software company Pipedrive grew out of Peep’s company Vain ja Partnerid. He is the author of two self development books “Kõige tähtsam küsimus” and “Keset elu”.

In 2014 he took a five-year break in his professional life. During this time he loaded into himself deeper knowledge from different aspects of human psychology. In addition, he started studying music in depth. Now he is glad to be back to share his knowledge, skills and experiences with his audience.

Marlen Annabel Kubri

Marlen Annabel is a trainer and a coach for creating a conscious life, she has also established a channel called Marlen Annabel TV. Marlen helps people find their personal power and teaches simple and very practical steps towards everyone being able to change their life and bring it to a new level.

At Better You Marlen will talk about self-love and taking care of one self. How to realize that everything is already well and you have all you need inside you. How to value yourself the way you are.

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  • In those two days I got more knowledge than 3 years in University. I consider myself not the beginner – I read and learn, but Eric showed me that I focus on wrong things. I understood what I do wrong. I have now good view how to lead and which directions my business will growth.

    Julia Bõstrova

    Eric Edmeades’ training was the best, it was the best training where I have ever been to. It was very informative, gave me lot of pointers and tips and was inspiring.

    Jaane Piiri

  • Eric Edmeades is very charismatic, my new favourite teacher. Taught me to make good use of my knowledge and skills. I finally have faith that in the future i will run a company. I had no idea that marketing and events like these could be so much fun and practical.

    Meriliis Varbola

    I recommend EVERYONE to use this incredible opportunity and participate at Robin Sharma’s event in Tallinn. You will save the financial and time costs of going to Canada while still getting the best teachings from one of the world’s leading management speakers! Some of Robin’s principles might sound simple and can be taken for granted but that’s where his genius lays. When things are clear and understandable for everyone it is easy to follow them. If you adjust your mindset accordingly Robin’s advice will give you forever-lasting results.

    Anti Roosiaas

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